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Our partnerships with local farms and ranches produce some of the most flavorful meats available. Each of our hand-picked natural producers follows humane handling protocols and sustainable practices.

Respect for the animals and those who produce them is carried forward to our skilled butchers who craft each steak and chop.

niman ranch

Niman Ranch natural Angus beef is sustainably and humanely raised by small family ranchers. This beef program prohibits the use of added hormones or antibiotics.

Vegetarian-fed Niman Ranch beef has unequaled taste and tenderness.

certified angus beef

Certified Angus Beef® is the benchmark for beef with fine marbling, rich flavor and consistent tenderness.

Certified Angus Beef LLC is owned by the American Angus Association, a non-profit, which represents over 30,000 ranchers. It is the largest premium beef program in the world, and is #1 in consumer recognition.

windy bar ranch

Windy Bar Ranch natural Texas beef, a Lone Star Meats exclusive, is born, raised and harvested in the Texas Hill Country. The ranch herd is humanely raised on a vegetarian diet with no antibiotics and no added hormones.

This fifth-generation family maintains meticulous records for tracking births, weaning weights, carcass traits, food rations and other statistics used to improve animal husbandry practices. Limited availability.