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The Lone Star Meats gift box program delivers restaurant quality steaks to homes and offices across the country. Each Certified Angus Beef® steak is vacuum-packed, flash frozen and shipped in a reusable polystyrene container with dry ice or gel packs.

To Our Regular Gift Box Customers –
We have reduced the gift box choices to streamline the process with the available associates on our team. Thank you for understanding.

Individual Order

Order Lone Star Tenderloins Online
Tenderloins (Certified Angus Beef®)

The tenderest and most popular. Center cut and hand-trimmed.

8 oz. Tenderloins, 1½ – 2” thick
4 Fillets ($175.00)

Order Lone Star Meats Rib Eyes Online
Rib Eyes (USDA Prime)

More marbling for the juiciest flavor.

16 oz. Rib Eyes, 1¼ –  1½” thick
2 Steaks ($145.00)

12 oz. Rib Eyes, ⅞” –  1⅛ thick
4 Steaks ($185.00)

Order Lone Star Meats Chateauloin Steaks Online
Chateauloin (USDA Prime)

A Lone Star Meats exclusive. This muscle next to the tenderloin is flavorful and juicy. Prepare just as you would a tenderloin.

10 oz. Center Cut, 1¼” – 1½” thick
4 Steaks ($155.00)

Order Lone Star Meats Strip Loins Online
Strips (USDA Prime)

Also called New York Strip, ideal for grilling.

14 oz. Strips, 1” – 1½” thick
2 Steaks ($145.00)

Large orders:

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